About Us Welcome to Building Foundations Therapy Services Building Foundations is a company that offers Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Early Intervention Services at its own Facility, Daycares and Home based for babies, children and adolescents. We support children and their families in reaching their full potential, offering specialist individual and group support. At Building Foundations we understand that it can be a difficult time for parents when making a decision regarding what the best support option for your child. Whether you have specific concerns about your child’s development or just wanting peace of mind that their development is on track, Building Foundations Team is here to support you throughout the assessment and treatment process. Building Foundations is based on a passion for working with and supporting children who are struggling in all aspects of their development to achieve success, and regain their potential. We believe in therapy being fun and child-centered, a place where your child can grow in self-confidence and gain a sense of pride and achievement.